6/3/2024 - Updated to add several dozen new airports that have been added over the last six months. Make sure to run Addon Linker and search for duplicates because there have been some updates that replace older addons.

This collection contains many of the best Regional airport mods created for the lower 48 United States, that were either created (or updated) within the last 2-3 years. I created this so I would have some high quality airports to fly when I have a GA aircraft loaded up. The collection contains airports all over the US, so there is unlimited opportunities for GA flying.

Mods that were created over 3 years ago and have not been updated in the last 3 years were not included. Also, mods that have special installation requirements (files not in standard folder structure, etc.) were excluded. You should be able to download all of the mods in the collection, unzip and that should be it.

Every airport in the collection was loaded to confirm there were not crashes to MSFS. However, you should run the ModLib Changer Tool in MSFS Addons Linker, just to be safe.

I tried to focus on mods that had something more than just a generic hangar buildings placed with nothing else. I was especially looking for mods with custom 3D models, and extra stuff placed around the airport, such as static aircraft, vehicles, people, other equipment, etc.

You are not required to install any 3rd Party libraries; however, I recommend the libraries at the link below, which should cover the vast majority of model library requirements.


If you don't install a specific library, you just won't see some things at some of the airports, but you'll still see most of the major stuff, such as buildings.

If you notice any major problems with any of the mods on the list, post a comment and I will double check it.

DO NOT post requests in the comments. I did not create any of these and I'm not taking requests. I simply created the collection.

I will try to update collection over time.