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Paine Field, Everett WA USA - KPAE V3.6

V3.6 - Added new terminal model.  Fixed some fence issues.  Added in-storage B-52. V3.5 - Reworked details around the commercial terminal, including the car parking area, the curb drop off, folliage and aircraft parking textures. V3.4 - Added details throughout the airfield.  FIxed some issues...


V3.6 - Added new terminal model.  Fixed some fence issues.  Added in-storage B-52.

V3.5 - Reworked details around the commercial terminal, including the car parking area, the curb drop off, folliage and aircraft parking textures.

V3.4 - Added details throughout the airfield.  FIxed some issues that I think were from WU10 elevation changes.

V3.3 - Cleaned up various superflous model assets.  Fixed some new mysterious gap fencing that popped up.  Added some new model assets throughout.  Added some animated ramp workers on the Boeing flightline.

V3.2 - Added library asset details throughout airfield.  Removed static 787 airplanes from Boeing flightline due to unresolved texture issues from SU6.  Added animated (wind dependant) flags.

V3.1 - Added Boeing specific airstairs at each Boeing stall.  Fixed some scaling issues with previous model assets.

V3.0 - Multiple changes including:

  • Added United 787 back on the flight line with corrected textures
  • Added hand modeled Dreamlifter Operations center
  • Added static Dreamlifter (LCF)
  • Added hand modeled Future of Flight Museum, replacing the google model

So, with this version, there are no longer any google models in this scenery package.  I recommend you delete KPAE V2.91 or older, restart MSFS2020, exit MSFS2020 then install V3.0.  This will clear up about 10MB of data from your harddrive.

V2.91 - I finally figured out what the issue was with the static Boeing airplanes and have removed the color enomolies (turned out to be a normals issue).  WIth that issue being fixed, I could add a shiny finish to each model.

V2.9 - Added hand modeled airport fire station, added additional lighting throughout the airfield and added more details to Boeing paint hangers #1 and #2.

V2.8 - Mutiple changes including:

  • Added hand modeled ATS facilities
  • Replaced Boeing doghouse model with 2 high detail versions
  • Added Regal Air office building
  • Revised tower model to add more detail
  • Revised terminal model to add more detail
  • Added details around terminal
  • Removed the AI generated blocky trees around the field perimeter
  • Revised fencing

Additionally, this version was cleaned up to remove no longer utilized assets (the old google models).  I recommend you delete KPAE V2.71 or older, restart MSFS2020, exit MSFS2020 then install V2.8.  This will clear up about 7MB of data from your harddrive.

V2.71 - Fixed error associated with blender scaling, causing the objects to load in late.  This update sets the blender scale to 1:1, allowing assets to spawn in sim at normal distances.  Also fixed the textures on the composite wing building.

V2.7 - Replaced the Google Boeing Delivery Center and Paint Hangers with hand crafted blender models.  Added emmisive lighting to the PAE street sign.  Added jeyways (static) to commercial terminal.

V2.6 - Updated to correct for any modellib.bgl conflicts

V2.5 - Updated scenery to correct some issues created from the US update.  Added a few more cars randomly throughout the airfield.

V2.4 - Multiple changes including:

  • Replaced google models with hand crafted models for the Boeing Factory, Boeing flightline doghouses and Boeing Static Wing Test building
  • Added Future of Flight museum
  • Added KPAE tower and connected office building
  • Added KPAE commericial passenger terminal building
  • Added hand modeled Boeing Everett Modification Center building
  • Revised lighting in various places around the airport
  • Added PAE signage along Airport Rd
  • Added additional parked cars in various parking lots around Boeing factory and flightline
  • Changed the arrangement of static airplanes on Boeing flightline (tried to correct some of the texture issues on these models, but was not able to)

This will probably be the last update of this package.

V2.3 - Added static 747, 767, 777s and 787s on Boeing Flightline
NOTE: I plan on adding 767 Tankers in stall 107-109 once I find available models

V2.2 - Added hand modeled control tower plus replaced some autogen hangers with closely matching library hangers.

V2.1 - Added 777X Composite Wing Center and added Static Wing Test building

V2.0 - Revised models to minimize vertices.  Tweaked texture shading.  Added factory/field bridge over HW526.

V1.0 - Scenery enhancement to Paine Field (KPAE) in Everett WA; home of the Boeing Everett factory, the largest building in the world by volume.  Enhancements include:

  • Boeing Flight Line
    • Everett Delivery Center (EDC) Building
    • Flight Line Stall Dog Houses
    • Paint Hangers 1, 2 & 3
    • Various parking lots
    • Blast fencing
  • Boeing Factory
  • Fencing around entire airport
  • Corrected various GA parking stalls around the airport

Stay tuned as I am planning more updates in the near future!

Seattle Boeing Puget Sound
Sim Update 11
Regional Airports
Първоначална версия
October 02, 2020
Последна актуализация
2 month(s) ago — 3.6



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4.78/5.0 — Превъзходно!
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47.913141, -122.279913


  • Актуализиран до версия 3.6

  • Актуализиран до версия 3.5

  • Актуализиран до версия 3.4

  • Актуализиран до версия 3.3

  • Актуализиран до версия 3.2

  • Актуализиран до версия 3.1

  • Initial File Release

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76 Коментари

I get confused taxiing around the area of H1, A, J, C, and the closed runway. I don't think this matches real life. Everything else looks great!

Just wanted to let you know that the B-52 has been gone from PAE for some time now. It got moved to the museum of flight at BFI in 2018.



3 month(s) ago / Благодарности от FreakyD

Nice work! Great attention to detail and appreciate the effort! It's easy to remove the 12th idiot garbage on the paint barn, otherwise thank you and GO PATRIOTS.



3 month(s) ago / Благодарности от FreakyD

Also is i should repeat myself... but... thanks a lot for your continued love for this great scenery!


Yay, it looks like it'd be worth the effort to add the Flying Heritage Museum! Much to my surprise after Ferengi Ventures decided to sell it off, the new owner's going to keep the collection in Seattle!

v3.4 new building that doesn't exist IRL. This brown building with white pavilion top on the south side isn't there in real life: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am3UH_kcAxmjkIx6ieThBuJHwkyFLg?e=XzGnDm"

This is what it looks like IRL: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am3UH_kcAxmjkI0jed68qEjXWL8dAw?e=gXDS9z"

Any chance to get PAPI lights and windsocks on 34R/16L now?



5 month(s) ago / Благодарности от FreakyD

Really Nice !



6 month(s) ago / Благодарности от FreakyD

Just dowloaded the last update, please fill the path with static planes, and put some Boeing historic planes there too and the new B777x! Nice job friend, always looking foward for your work!



6 month(s) ago / Благодарности от FreakyD

Thanks for your great work, polishing this nice airport further and further.




9 month(s) ago / Благодарности от FreakyD

Seriously such a good job here. Always loved your airports and scenery. What a good rendition of a popular airport.

Thanks for making stuff for the PNW by the way.

This is a well-done scenery and is an accurate one since I usually fly around PAE in real life. However, one issue I have is that whenever I am doing an approach or landing, the runway and taxi lights are floating above the runway and taxiways, making it very odd as I am landing at night. The same issue happens in the RNT scenery. Is there a fix you know of, or is it an add-on I might have installed?

Thank you.



1 year(s) ago / Благодарности от FreakyD

Beautiful work! A well earned "5" from me. We plan to set sail on a cruise from Seattle to Alaska next June and I am starting to explore that area in MSFS. This will be a great base to work from. Oh but do I wish though that someone would model some open hangars. MSFS airports look so lifeless with all of them closed up!

The airport scenery is magnificent, but the addition of static aircraft in the parking spots is not a good idea. Spawning somewhere and you end up inside another plane. Parked aircraft are a job for the AI system and not part of scenery. At least pls give an option to exclude them. Thanks!

This is awesome! Love the details and the LCF!

One small thing: could you please remove the ANA and Emirates static plane parked at the two gates connected to the terminal? IRL only these two gates are serving passengers and it is kinda annoying to spawn at these two spots now since the player's plane will overlap with the static plane.

Superb representation of Everett - excellent

This is compatible with SU5 and HF# 2 it works and it is nice to have...Thank you!

Is this compatible with Drzewiecki designs Seattle landmarks?

Wow, awesome! Thx for your work! I really like it! It looks great!

Love, love this airfield. I fly in and out (mostly out) of here all the time. My only complaint, if it even qualifies as that, is that you have to be careful where you park, because the static airplanes don't disappear if you decide you want their spot!

Is it possible to make them go bye-bye if you pick their slot? Or if not, can you at least publish which spots/gates are available for use without co-occupying the space with a static plane?

Other than that, like I said, I love it, very professionally done. Could be released as payware and get good ratings even with that level of scrutiny.

I also second the request for KBFI, and I'm looking for a volunteer to do KTTD, where I was once based. I'd do it myself but I have zero clue how to do so!

Great job overall! It would be 5 stars instead of 4.5 if not for the parking issue...

After the last MS update I experienced a strange treshold of about 3 or 4 feet deep just behind the blast fence parallel at Rwy 16R-34L. If I taxi toe 16R the plane falls down. Strange effect. Has that to do with the update or is it something in my PC?


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Предложения, грешки и идеи за бъдещето.

  • Version 3.6 September 25, 2022

    Added new more accurate passenger terminal
    Fixed fences
    Added parked/stored B-52

  • Version 3.5 August 06, 2022

    Updated details around commercial terminal

  • Version 3.4 June 23, 2022

    Added details throughout
    Fixed elevation issues from WU10

  • Version 3.3 May 26, 2022

    General cleanup of superfluous assets
    Added animated ramp workers on Boeing flight line
    Fixed some fencing gaps

  • Version 3.2 December 02, 2021

    Removed static 787s due to texture loading issue since SU6
    Added library asset items throughout the scenery
    Added wind influenced animated flags

  • Version 3.1 February 04, 2021

    Added Boeing airstairs
    Fixed scaling issues with a couple of model assets

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