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San Diego Gillespie Field (KSEE)

Gillespie Field (ICAO:KSEE) is a county-owned public towered airport, 12 miles northeast downtown San Diego and the beach in California. The airport is mostly used for general aviation, with 3 runways. Gillespie is the home of San Diego Air & Space Museum Annex, the ASTREA...


Gillespie Field (ICAO:KSEE) is a county-owned public towered airport, 12 miles northeast downtown San Diego and the beach in California. The airport is mostly used for general aviation, with 3 runways. Gillespie is the home of San Diego Air & Space Museum Annex, the ASTREA (the air support unit of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department) and a dozen of other businesses and flight clubs/schools like my club Plus One Flyers.

As for all of my MSFS mod, this small scenery is made from a pilot-eyes perspective. In real, I'm a Plus One Flyers member and mostly fly from Montgomery Field but Gillespie is one of the fourth base. I'm real PPL but a rookie amateur scenery developer: this mod is made with 99% of MSFS default objects library and feature massive number of details. The scenery is inspired by some of my personal videos and pictures, the FAA From the Flight Deck - Gillespie Field Airport, but mostly by high resolution aerial views from Bing and Google maps. It's a mix between the satellite imagery displayed from MSFS and more accurate data found on Internet. 1800+ objects have been added to the default scenery to make in more live and bring a touch of an active area.


  • Taxiways : all corrected and fixed
    • 150+ taxiway signs : complete redesign, correct name according to last charts, add some of the two sided taxiway sign, example at D5).
    • Taxiway lines: complete redesign, position and correct, add "center line enhanced" represented 1400+ taxiway paths
  • Buildings: all airport hangars/FBO's and buildings have been replaced by MSFS objects library: Speer Hangar Assoc, Allen Airways Flying Museum, California Flight Academy, American Aviation Academy, SAA (Scandinavian Aviation Academy), ASTREA, Golden State Flying Club, Safari Aviation, Southern Cal Aircraft, High Performance Aircraft, Terminal, S.D Aerospace Museum, Circle Air, El Cajon Pilot Supply..
  • Fences: 90% of external fences and gates.
  • Ground markings:
    • Big TAXI yellow ground markings to avoid confusion with runways 27R and 27L and handcrafted (amateur) red intersection runway.
    • Helipads at Mercy Air and on the transient apron north of the Terminal.
    • Reveal of Compass Rose west of the field on D1
  • Windsocks: correct placement and addition
  • Night blue light poles: remove the maximum of undesired extra poles
  • Static aircrafts at ASTREA (stock Bell 407), Stearman at the Airpark and Skycrane at High Perf FBO from E.Baranger (https://sketchfab.com/helijah/models).

How to install? Unzip the file into your Community folder. Keep the folder structure from the zip (\AirportServices \ContentInfo, \MaterialLibs, \scenery, layout.json and manifest.json at the root directory). Once installed go to KSEE as usual, the scenery is overlayed over the existing default one.

If you love the San Diego area, please consider my other productions:

  • KMYF Montgomery Field : https://flightsim.to/file/5856/montgomery-gibbs-exec-airport-taxiway-fix-and-many-more
  • KRNM Ramona : https://flightsim.to/file/25710/ramona-krnm
  • KOKB OceanSide : https://flightsim.to/file/37328/oceanside-box-maxwell-memorial-airfield-kokb
  • KSDM Brown Field: https://flightsim.to/file/38035/brown-field-muni-kdsm
  • The Bush Trip "San Diego VFR Transition" : https://flightsim.to/file/6276/vfr-transitions-at-san-diego


  • Some missing taxiway signs (see "Request / I need you" below")
  • Size of taxiway signs (currently "size 3") maybe too big. Your feedback are welcome.
  • Some few segments of fences to close the field (missed around 10%)
  • Parking spots should be verified


  • Free stocked MSFS : Sedona
  • World Update II (USA) and X (USA)


I need you : there're several specific signs on taxiways that I found like "ATC NON VISUAL AREA", "Be a Good Neighbor". These make the scenery unique and I look for others I was unable to identify. If you have pictures, feel free to share with me! The tower is the autogenerated MSFS one: if you want to build a (light) blender object... you are welcome!

Not included: attention to night environment.

Sim Update 11
Regional Airports
Първоначална версия
July 13, 2022
Последна актуализация
5 day(s) ago — v1.2.5



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  • Актуализиран до версия v1.2.5

  • Актуализиран до версия v1.2.4

  • Актуализиран до версия v1.2.3

  • Актуализиран до версия v1.2.2

  • Актуализиран до версия v1.2.1

  • Актуализиран до версия v1.2.0

  • Initial File Release

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4 day(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Just keeps on getting better. Thank you for your wonderful work.



9 day(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Thank you for your continued work and improvements on not only this airport but the others you have made as well. LOVE the tower!!! LOOKS GREAT!!!



10 day(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Outstanding work. Enjoy all of your airports in the SD area. Thank you!

I just updated this three days ago after the 05 Jan 2023 update and this website still gives me the yellow checkmark on airports I already updated. So I end up downloading them again if I am not paying close attention.



22 day(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Great, Tx!



22 day(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Stunning work!



1 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

This was good with the initial release and contnues to just get better and better. One suggestion. Can you open some hangar doors? That would really make it come to life even more!



3 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Thank you so much! I grew up in east San Diego County and have gone up from Gillespie many times in my lifetime. I had planned to get my PPL from Golden State Flying Club when I retired. Unfortunately, I contracted degenerative nerve disease in my legs and only have limited use of them. Flying in the computer is my only option. Your sceneries really help me enjoy this experience!



4 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Hi i really like your Airport´s, only one thing, i lose FPS from capped 33 to 23 on Gillespie, there is something "heavy" in the KSEE scene.bgl file "thats killing it", no such thing at the other Airports .... thank you anyway 😊 p.s. I got an older PC , i7 7700 , 32GB, GTX 1080Ti ~ maybe that´s why 😊




4 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

THANKYOU VERY MUCH...for these Beautiful California Gems,...Im here on the East Coast But Still Fly Around Cali Just as Much !! For Me Its the Scenery that Matters the Most in MSFS !!! (...hoping Asobo Fixes Photogrammetry Soon).



4 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

My closest airport, thank you very much for this!



5 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

I just did a flight from L08, KOBK, KCRQ, KRNM, KSEE, KMYF and landing at KSDM. Nice work on the airports! Did notice at KSEE the runway lights were floating above the runway.



5 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Your scenes are impressive. VBAZILLIO since you know how to give life to the airports in the area, you could... when you have time and desire... improve the CHINO - KCNO one. Thanks.

P.S. I found out that Mr. Cruce parks his P-51 there.



6 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Nice clean up on this last update!!! Still LOVING your work bud, especially around the So Cal area!! Keep up the great work!! Donating again to your cause! 🏆😉



6 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Thank you so much for this airport and the others you've made around the San Diego area. I love flying out of KSEE in the sim since it is by my parents' house and you've really brought it to life with all the effort you've put into it. Thank you!



6 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Outstanding work, thank you for taking the time and effort to bring this airport up to and beyond the par of many payware products on the MS store. Excellent work, especially on the correct taxiway signage, taxiway ground markings and their placement. 😊



6 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio




6 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

Another great addition to the San Diego GA Airports - I still think you to also do Brown Field - KSDM!



6 month(s) ago / Благодарности от vbazillio

This is awesome, Thanks!

Thanks for this scenery!

Unfortunately, I have to turn off Photogrammetry, otherwise it looks terrible. Perfomance is also a problem here. It is heavy stuttering. Any settings I should take care.

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Предложения, грешки и идеи за бъдещето.

  • Version v1.2.5 January 24, 2023

    - Improve ATC Tower details, for example a rotating white/green beacon on top of tower
    - Add Erickson Skycrane helicopter at High Performance Aircraft ramp (thanks to the free model by E.Bellanger: https://sketchfab.com/helijah/models)
    - Add open hangar (from https://flightsim.to/file/26325/open-hangar-library from Windhover)

  • Version v1.2.4 January 19, 2023

    Add new custom ATC Control Tower

  • Version v1.2.3 January 05, 2023

    Improve Circle Air FBO building after the comment of Bill4LE video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rivi5cpqz0E

  • Version v1.2.2 December 22, 2022

    Add Electric Poles (WU Canada required) all around the field
    Enhance Astrea landing pads
    Add one static B407 at Astrea

  • Version v1.2.1 November 14, 2022

    Helipads are selectable from the World Map

  • Version v1.2.0 October 06, 2022

    New fix and detail based on FAA From the Flight Deck serie https://youtu.be/XxylFJDiKqk:
    - New taxiway sign on D close to D2
    - Fix D2 sign on 27R
    - Add a static Blackhawk at High Performance
    - Add several HELP-ME-I-don't-know-what's-written-on-this-sign
    - More details on Speer Hangar Assoc.
    - Fix marking runway 27R
    - Fix visual look&feel on final 27R

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I don't see some hangar?

This freeware scenery use default Microsoft MSFS object. Most are generic, some are from World Update USA (2 and 10) and some from Microsoft Asobo handcrafted scenery. Please first, check if you have World Update 2 and 10 installed.

For example, MSFS includes for free a Denver/KDEN scenery. But if you have the third party KDEN you may have manually turn off the Asobo KDEN.

I love this scenery, can you build my XXXX airport?

I'm fully amateur and even if it's basic design with default stocked object (and few textures) it requires a lot of time and energy. Not to mention specific document, pictures and videos.

If you want a specific scenery, I suggest to add your request to https://flightsim.to/requests/scenery


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