This is not meant to be EVERY mod made for California, but it should be most of them. The following have been excluded from the collection.
- Very small bush strips
- Photogrametry addons
- Single-building addons
- Water fixes
- Fictional airports
- Projects which appear to no longer work correctly or be supported

If I've included something that's broken, or I'm missing something that should be included, let me know and I'll try to keep it updated (once revisions are enabled).

You should be able to download all the files and unzip all of them either directly to your community folder or to a California subfolder if you are using AddonLinker. A few caveats due to the way the authors zipped their files.

1) There will be a PackagesContent folder containing a subfolder called "dvl-airport-o08-colusa-co". The sub-folder will need to be moved out of sub-folder to the main folder.
2) Choose either whitearcades-dtlabridges or whitearcades-dtlabridges-inihooper (if you have inibuilds hooper addon installed). One should be deleted
3) There is a folder called buildings. It goes with the furnace creek airport addon. Just leave both folders in Community folder
4) There is a folder called Bridge Lighting Packages. This entire folder can be deleted. Or, choose one lighting package and move it to main folder. This will light up the Coronado bridge in San Deigo.
5) You will see a file called ContentManifest.json. This goes with dcdesigns-airport-knkx-miramar.
6 Dick Dale Skyranch has a sub-folder that will need to be moved to the main folder
7) ksna_v_2_0_1 has two sub-folders that will need to be moved to the main folder