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Version 0.1
Първоначална версия December 24, 2020
Последна актуализация December 24, 2020
Размер на файла 54.30 MB
Downloads 4,104
GPS Координати 40°49′17″N 14°25′32″E
Status Все още не е изтеглено
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#Nature #Photogrammetry Italy


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  • Стартира December 24, 2020

    Първоначалното издание на този файл току-що беше пуснато. Добре дошли на борда!

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Доста празно тук.

44 Коментари

nice work. how about the Stromboli vulcano?! thanks

nice improvement, any plans to add the ancient ruins of Pompeii?
Very nice, just don't try to land inside with a helicopter, that doesn't work 😊
This looks beautiful. But for some reason I can't get it to work in my sim. Strangely, it is only this one and a Pompei add-on that don't seem to work, I just get the default scenery. Have you heard about any similar cases and do you have any ideas? Thanks!
Fantastic, but it slows down the start of mfs2020 a lot, can't fix it ?, then it would be perfect
Finally, a volcano that looks like a volcano. Thank you! 😊
very very nice dude!! Thank´s!!!
Very nice Thank you
Looking great! Thank You!
splendido lavoro! Grazie mille!
Bravissimo, complimenti
Loving to fly in the Napoli area I really hoped for that mod. Thanks a lot, longastrino!
December 25, 2020
Ottimo lavoro. Complimenti!!!
Ero di stanza a Capodichino e spesso una capatina alla "Muntagna" (così la chiamiamo affettuosamente noi Partenopei) la facevamo volentieri.
E visto che sei così bravo ti chiedo due piaceri:
1) Se puoi lavorare sull'aeroporto di Capua (LIAU) dove ci siamo trasferiti per continuare a volare.
2) e anche qualcosina su Capodichino che ho e avrò sempre nel cuore. Quando ci atterro col simulatore mi viene una nostalgia...
Grazie di cuore e continua così.
Superb, as real as nature, bravo !
and for those who are never satisfied, let them go elsewhere....
Excellent and thank you for this. I am quite familiar with all the Bay Of Naples IRL so look forward to flying around the Volcano in this simulator.
Nice one. Thank you.
As long as you're doing volcanoes: would you by any chance be interested in giving Mt. Teide on Tenerife a go. With over 3700m it's Spain's highest mountain, but missing the whole top. 😊
Fantastico!!! Grazie caro, Buon Natale.

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