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Version 2.7.1
Първоначална версия May 24, 2021
Последна актуализация October 07, 2021
Размер на файла 309.81 MB
Downloads 11,719
GPS Координати 48.23334781945526, 14.188311619695124
Status Все още не е изтеглено
Този файл е проверен за вируси и е безопасен за изтегляне.
Intl. Airports
#Real-Life Austria


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  • Version 2.7.1 October 07, 2021

    Changes v2.7.1:

    * Added missing runway denominators
    * Terrain improvements near apron
    * Added a few ground texture improvements
    * Added 2 additional street signs
    * Improved car park

  • Version 2.7 September 15, 2021

    Changes v2.7:

    * Adaption to World Update 6
    * Reconfigured Runway and PAPI lights
    * Reworked Parking Ramps
    * Changed textures on many buildings (no more pink glowing errors)
    * Complete overhaul of ground textures all over the airport and beyond
    * Additional details, models, objects, …

  • Version 2.6 August 03, 2021

    Changes v0.2.6:
    SimUpdate V update

  • Version 2.5 June 26, 2021

    Changes v0.2.5:
    Industrial Update – Completion of all airport facilities and beyond

    * Added handcrafted models for: Customs/Zoll facility, Fuel station + Schenker, DHL, Dachser & other industries
    * Detailed airport area and beyond (~2500 handplaced objects)
    * Many custom modelled ground assets
    * Optimized and Improved various 3D models
    * Custom Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) with animation
    * Custom warning lights at “Hold Short” lines

  • Version 2.2 May 29, 2021

    Changes v0.2.2:

    * Adjusted elevation profile of runway and whole airport vicinity according to 10m Austria DEM. Elevations should now be matched to reality with only 10cm error margin.
    * Added military part of airport (Fliegerhorst Vogler LOXL)
    * Corrected ILS, should now work like a charm
    * Changed all waypoints according to the AIP Charts (Dec. 31st 2020)
    * Repaired departures with custom SIDs / Arrivals & Approaches seem fine, please report!
    * Improved all airport markings & lines
    * Improved commercial terminal with many new custom assets and adjusted buildings
    * Custom modelled taxilights (side and center) as well as threshold lights
    * Added most of the taxi signs 

  • Стартира May 24, 2021

    Първоначалното издание на този файл току-що беше пуснато. Добре дошли на борда!

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69 Коментари

Schöner Flughafen, für einen Wildnisflug dort landen müssen

Thank you for that awesome scenery of my "home airport". I have been using it regularly from the day of its initial release. Only now did I realise that the runway designators seem to be missing at both RWY 08 and 26. Is there a technical (SDK-related) reason for that or would it be possible to add the "numbers" in an upcoming update?

Keep up your outstanding work on the austrian airports.


Les toits des bâtiments sont roses...

The buildings roofs are pink....?


Absolut tolle und realistische Umsetzung (ich wohne in der Nähe)!

Den letzten halben Stern und die Donation gibt es, wenn die Helipads auch als Abflug-Abstellplätze nutzbar sind!

Beautiful scenery! The only thing I noticed is that the signes at the holding point of taxiway Z are covered by high grass. Maybe this can be improved in a future update.

Crasht bei mir mit dem Sim Update 5 noch beim Lade-Vorgang. Abflug Linz - Ankunft Salzburg! Habs jetzt mal aus dem Ordner rausgeworfen und teste erneut.


Crasht auch wenn der Ordner entfernt wurde, sehr komisch!

Geiler Flughafen danke dir 😊

Great scenery! Thanks a lot!

Congratulations for the successful update! Presented on the page:




Thanks for your comments

Thank you very much; phantastic work; absolutly payware quality

Absolutely stunning, by far better than the Payware version!!! Thank you so much for this great work!!!

Amazing work! This Linz scenery is better then the JustSim Payware, and that's all for free! Thanks a million!

Gentlemen, a real masterpiece, you created there...


Pravisimo, better as a payware, wunderfull, thank you verry much!!!!

Danke endlich schaut der flughafen besser aus !!!

Simply beautiful made!

Danke Danke Danke !!! Top Arbeit , endlich kann ich "Zuhause" landen 😊

Wow this exceeds freeware quality by far. Thank you very much for your awesome work!

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