Скорошни дискусии

Кратък преглед на това, което се случва в нашата общност.

you're welcome nd from my side, i've no more blank texture ! Again congrats for your great and hard work ! keep going ! Cheers from Paris !

I like the mod but it's not working with me. Why?

I ran the script and I've got the following error:

Info: Deleted 0 object(s)
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "\scenery_optimisation.py", line 1463, in <module>
 File "\scenery_optimisation.py", line 1351, in main
 File "\scenery_optimisation.py", line 1243, in optimize_objects
 File "\scenery_optimisation.py", line 1215, in optimize_object
 File "\scenery_optimisation.py", line 1116, in bake_texture_files
KeyError: 'bpy_prop_collection[key]: key "LilyPackedImage" not found'Error: Python script failed, check the message in the system console

I have LiliPackedImage installed, how could I fix this?

Okay sure : so here is my rpoposal : Just add this additional instruction : Dont't delete or move the Ivao_x-Csl folder already installed in the community folder, you just need to copy and paste the same folder of my mod into it, then accept all files to be overwritten'. You will then be all set with no blank texture for AI Traffic.

Thank you. Did not know it could happen I will take a look

This, sir, is a work of art. It´s been almost five years since I drove by the airport but I still remember how it looked. You really nailed the small details, the signs, the graffiti on the hangar, it´s all there. Congratulations and I´m looking forward to exploring the Alabama hills and Death Valley from this great little airport as soon as I get the time!

I like it. Please continue this development. You are the first person doing a good job with Bucharest. Thanks

Thanks for your good work. It's a really helpful tool.

However I found a small, probably seldom, but very dangerous bug: When I installed EDDS Stuttgart airport by Gravity it suddenly deleted my whole community folder.

It may be due to my special settings. I have acitivated "Reposition Tagged AddOns",

"Delete Archives after Extraction", "Delete Same/Older Versions", "Rename Disk Folders with Tags & Titles" and "Update Manifests" and I have my community folder on a seperate disk ("D:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\MSFSPackages\Community") and my source folder there too ("D:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\MSFSPackages\Source").

As I tried to find the cause for this behaviour,I saw that it happened while tagging and after analyzing the manifest file I found that it seems to happen because of the brackets around the airport ICAO code in the title "[EDDS] Manfred Rommel Airport Stuttgart". When I removed the brackets, adding the package was possible without the all files in "Community" being deleted.

Do you think you can find and fix the bug?

Regards Michael

Sorry about that and thanks for the heads-up. Uploading now.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean, but you can only install ONE interior at a time and all aircraft will have that interior. You cannot change it in-game.

this is awesome, small things like that enhance the flight sim experience dramatically. The new flight sim was lacking AI liveries for a while now, and im glad that we are getting more and more options to figure this stuff out.

Should be all set now. Let me know if there are still issues.

Nice looking paint job, thanks for working on this!

A good mod overall, it causes the a32nx throttles to be dysfunctional. They move on their own once put into take off thrust and the reverse thrust doesn't work.


Is it possible to change the tail number color from black to white ?


That would be a sim bug. The scenery editor only let's you decide where to put the windsock; the animation is controlled by the game.

Hi, yeah sure, but send me ICAO's to added on the next update.

How odd, you able to send me a screenshot via private DM? I'm yet to hear of this bug

Perfect 😊

I will improve my instruction, maybe you know how i can explain this ? (i have a bad english)

It sounds like LODs are about to become mandatory with update V, or at least everyone's models will now disappear after a few metres unless they have them, so anything you can come up with about that will be very timely, and anything else of course.

I'll see if it can be fooled by using the same model as I really don't think I can be bothered so remake hundreds of them.

The 3D bit in here in particular is rather weak indeed. It's a potentially infinite subject of course so I added my tiny wee bit of knowledge.

Yes you are right, I will restart the installation . thank you


I think you have removed the default ivao_x-cls and added my mod. You need to just add files from my mod into the default ivao_x-cls directory.

hi please make a jerusalem of gold el al 787 livery.

Hi thank you for this MOD, but I've some blank Planes (No textures). Can you plaese help here . Thank you

I am in awe of your perspicacity in publishing this! I was about to start a series of videos on using SDK 13 next week, but I will now revisit my written outline, expand it to your standard and add it to your effort. I have created 26 bridges around New York City to date - all with LODs and minimal triangle counts. I will use that experience to add to your effort and expand on what I've learned "the hard way" as you have.

Don't get me wrong: I think the Asobo team are geniuses, and as a real pilot, I appreciate their upgrades and improvements. I also date from the '60s and Project MAC, so I can understand the scale of their achievement. They're moving in the righr direction in the SDK documentation, but, as you say, no one person can be all-knowing.

I'll follow your lead and upload my efforts along your pioneering lines.

Be well and prosper!

This looks great, however "Smugglers" is spelled wrong on the nose. Any chance on a small update?

Uploading later today. Hadn't planned to buy the plane but had so many requests that I couldn't say no any longer 😊

There is a gun if you look very, very, very closely. It's tucked very, very, very incorrectly back under the nose. But, that scenario lines up with the rest of the poor and disappointing mod.

Hi, yes my mistake due to the error of saving the xml were in the light poles are saved. I'm going to fix now, wait the next update. PAVD not exist on FS, can you check? Best regards.

No it's not worth anything in my opinion. I purchased as I love the A-10. Worked with them for many years in the AF. This mod is soooooooooo disappointing. It sounds like your tummy seriously growling in a 55 gal drum. Terrible......don't waste your money YET! Maybe it will get better with some freeware updates. Seems FREE is better for more reasons then the price.

Thank you! This is a very nice bushtrip. No GPS, low clouds, wind - lots of fun!

Desactiva el "Rolling Cache". Donde esta el escalón? Aterricé y no tuve problemas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqWKxsJzXuI

Nice to see another variant of the A330 family. However I cannot get the MCDU working in with this plane.

Running the A330-300 FBW compatibility mod, as I couldn't get the PMP one to work without it.

Yeah it does this for all airports! And no matter what Captainsim 777 plane i use, it still does the same thing. Only the Departures is working, but there's no arrival option to select runway to land. And i use simbrief to create the flightplan.