Your agcat looks very good but after about 60 seconds or when I began to taxi the frame rates went to nearly zero / slide show mode...

I love your BC VFR flights, bu this one has an issue. It flew fine from Bella Bella, then when it got within 5 mies of Bella Coola, it made a right turn into the mountain side. I flew the whole flight with AI pilot

Well done! some very minor bugs I have noticed but overall exceeded my expectations based on other mods and how the PMP responded to the last MSFS update and discontinued support. This 339 fills that need for long haul aircraft and a good diversion from the A32NX. BTW I have the A32NX experimental version loaded in my comm folder and the headwind model appears to play very nicely with that mod and cockpit functionality. I was skeptical but so far so good. Keep up the good work! In closing, one thing I would LOVE for you to add would be the ability to create custom wing and external views...I have not been able to manipulate the cameras.cfg to get those going. Is that perhaps on you to-do list? Many thanks.

Does this work with SU6? I am getting pink windows now.

This user messaged me directly and I am looking into this issue. I have full ATC services. However after reviewing the scenery files, I do see a potential issue with the ATC. Will work on it tomorrow and update if necessary. Thank you!

I've seemed to have lost my Co-pilot any ideas


No, this trim stuff is regarding any eventual potential MS/Asobo patches or updates changing or breaking the frim on aircraftin general - the method I described is literally "writing the trim settings into the kernel". So they can do whatever they want, it'll work the way you intended. 😊

This is a great scenery. Living in Halifax, it was nice to see an airport scenery done. I have SimAddon's CYHZ and I think that is great to as it includes the city, but this one has many more airport details. My only issue is with the surrounding trees. They are way to big, that may be a MSFS issue though.

It already has it. Have you made sure you updated to the latest version 0.92?

Thanks for the 5-star rating! Glad you like it 😊

Thanks for the fast reply. I have flown numerous Bush Trips. A couple have only ended if you parked in a certain spot. I taxied and stopped in all the obvious areas and did not get a completed trip. One for the ghost locker I guess. Will fly again soon.


Just finished quick test flight down in Australia , Using stable version Aircraft flying very well , no texture issues , no issues with update 6 , great plane , I uploaded screen shots on this page but do not know where they went . Thanks : )

it's blender model, it doesn't install to the sim. it's for use in making scenery.

`What does this mod do is there a full changelog from the beginning?

Wow, this is awesome! Thanks a lot for your hard work and for sharing this with the community. Do you have a list of all the models, or at least which cities or states have models added? I'd like to know if the area I usually fly is already covered before I download this. Limited hard drive space at the moment... Thanks!

Nice work on this plane, just a little thing you may want to fix, The mixture lever should be red and the propeller pitch lever should be blue... Other than that I like it quit a lot in VR it's great to fly

thanks for still updating this! i know it must be frustrating to work with the shit CS scammed us with

Love it - thank you very much for making this livery for the civilian version of the 145.

Can you remove the N numbers so that my N number will display by itself and not on top of this N number?


It's good, thanks. I'd remove chaps with suitcases and have less parked static aircraft so there's more parking space. There's fuel distributor in the scenery near the hangars which makes it too narrow to taxi safely currently. I think it's further back irl, next to the hangars. I don't think it the real airfield has stone walls anywhere, just shrubs.

The oneworld logo is too big for me, but it still great, thanks for the livery

Version 2.2 came earlier that i thought =)

Have fun, fly save and send feedback please !!

I'd like to eventually incorporate a GPS system similar to Satloc that tracks your spray pattern. I have a lot to learn about HTML screens though! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Working on getting the jetways back up and running! Check back next week.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll certainly have to fix the frame rate issue first thing. I'll probably need to do something about my poly count. Is it dropping fps in the cockpit or exterior view...or both?

Uploading a new version built on 0.15 now. Never could not get the problem to appear again, but this should be good.

i have a problem i downloaded everything the planes show up but none of the liveries do? just the default ones i also see no crjs or 737s etc

This video details the history of the aircraft and the sad fate of its pilot.

Messerspit - The Frankenstein Fighter - YouTube

No I'm not using any airport enhancements or Modifications

I have not tried the lighter version of the airport, but I will try

I'm using WIN10 PRO

I'm not using any addon modifications, Everything is in default community folder. I removed all other addons from the community folder except EGKK and still would not load.

No addon linker

Using the latest WHOL nvidia drivers

No Win updates

Have not tried reducing airport traffic to zero before loading, but will try

Will also check for the modellib in other scenery files, but like I said I removed all other addons from community folder and just loaded EGKK alone. But still would not load.

Part of our team is from Hillsborough County and very happy to see this livery, great job!

Ah sorry! PM = private message. You can get in touch with me through https://flightsim.to/profile/8bitgamerdad (click the "Message" button) or shoot me an email: [email protected]

It's great, but tanks my FPS. I have an RTX 2070 on high preset all other aircraft run flawlessly.

Its not my system its the plane here. Not sure why but its hungry for frames.

I tried replacing that, and even the 747 flight_model but didnt work. Changed the weight for the 747 though lol. Idk why it wont take for the 777, even removed the salty mod and its still stuck at the same weight. I should probably mention that I have the ms store version of the 200 if that makes any difference

edit:after reinstalling the 777 I’ve found that the vanilla version of it from the ms store doesn’t even have flight_model.cfg file 🤔