за Microsoft Flight Simulator Скорошни дискусии

Кратък преглед на това, което се случва в нашата общност.

Excellent addon!BUT I cannot load community folder, When I select community directory,there is always a' Local Cache 'in the path?why?

they're not double....one is a .json file - and is required

Absolutely love this livery. Is it compatible with the 737-700?

Thank you for the suggestions. Recently, I am very busy working in the farm. I will update it when I have access to my computer. Please remind me if I missed it.

-17 is what the developer said. Start ready to go on a runway and you'll see what the default settings are. For this plane -17 and no flaps. I find that shortly after takeoff, lower the nose to gain speed and then gradually go up. I crashed many times on takeoff until I finally figured it out.

Is there a script option for "autothrottle disconnect?" not specifically off, but the side button on the left/ride of the throttle levers, hit twice and autothrottle disconnects and warning clears. I wasn't able to find something that does this function.

Absolutely amazing thank you so much for this!

Excellent addon, works perfect on the Beaver but on the DC3 only shows a white screen.

The only absolutely indispensable utility for MSFS that I've been using since the first release!

shouldv painted over windows all white on blender

I love It! Now I can go hunting for Soviet subs.

Thanks! I checked and there is no animation included in the model for the cockpit exterior door. If they don't add it in, I will try to make that work when we start editing and merging stuff into the 3D model.

I remember AH showed that the crew door behind the pilot seat opened. Whatever happened to that? Can you open it? Love all that you had done to this plane. It was my childhood weekend flights with my dad back in the days.

Dhl doesn't fly 310 n never did lets be realistic about

You're certainly very welcome and great screenshots you had!

Hello MazarMart,

My windows detected that v.12.2 has two files in double. These files are:-



I have no idea why v.12.2 can have double files together in the same folder...

This will be quite helpful, thank you sir. I have sent you a little something for your time... Your pal, Skylar.

si lo he pensando, pero me mata que no le pueda quitar las ventanas. igual IniBuild anuncio a300 asi que no debe tardar. espero salga una version carguera

Just wanted to pop to the comments real quick to thank you for such incredible work. I am sure these files you've provided for all of us took you many hours, and while I cant send you an appropriate amount of money for your time, I am sending you a "coffee" just to say THANKS!! Your pal, Skylar

edit: nvm. its fixed. this has never happened before. for some reason overnight, msfs suddenly decided to just sign off from from my msstore account and my xbox app account. geez. spend 30min trying to figure out why addonlinker would not startup MSFS.

I hear you regarding having yet another installer. From what I've read on Headwinds website, they would like to have their A339X added to the official FBW installer, but FBW isn't interested at this time. Thus, Headwinds created their installer as a temporary stopgap. I hope FBW changes their minds...better yet, I wish we had "one installer to rule them all" when it came to MSFS addons.

Well this is just splendid. Thank you for what Im sure took you hours to complete this awesome tool. I recently got my stream deck and this is easily going to be one of my most used plugins for it. I'll drop you a nice "coffee" once I get home from work and get this loaded up. Many, many thanks my friend.

Love it! Could we also get a retrofit version? Thank you!

thank you so much, it will help a lot!

can you give me the link? pls it can be through google drive or media fire or anything!!

For some reason I can't get it to track a heading or follow the LNAV route? I have the newest heavy division 0.1.14. Other than that. The only real issue I cant ovecome is the transparncy of the vc roof displaying all the shadows for indvidula buttons in the overhead. Currently unflyable for me due to the LNAV and AP issues but im going to see if an older HD version might be better.

Thanks for catching that. It's fixed in the current version, along with a couple other logo alignment issues.

makes available again to download, pls. i wanna it...

Has the blank screens been resolved. Just downloaded the livery and it's fantastic. Great work

Excelente pintura, muchas gracias. Sería increible que también pudiera hacer una fictional de Transcarga

I just found out its not ready yet. Will delete but any idea sort of when available? Like, a few months or a few weeks..>? Thanks for the work you do, I cant afford all those new planes. Rick/CYXX Abbotsford, bc

In realism this plane sucks but in looks it's amazing and it is hilariously fast. The one problem is the stability of the aircraft midflight.

Sure. I'll do an update with LOD0. I don't know why, but I've always used LOD1 for my painting.

Hi mate

Just top let you know the same for the DHC-2 Beaver, this is not working, white screen only, no extra addons or mods added, default and 3rd party liveries tried to no avail.

please advise on fix


Superb work! Bravo !

Just a small problem for me: the throttle lever does not appear. neither on my iPad, nor in the PC's Touch Portal window.

It's great! But will it make it difficult for you to make the same version with gps? It would be great for lazy people like me))))

Thanks for this latest version which works with SU 11

Many thanks to SkyDesign for this scenery complementing other gliding ranges in southern germany.

Here a setup for power soaring in MSFS SU11 W11:

Even if SU11 locates he gliders always on existing runways at any airport, there is a workaround to move to glider range positions:

(in real world gliding ranges do not have "runways" as used by general aviation, in some cases the GA runways are used for lift off using tow planes)

Just drop the cable of the winch/tow plane and move the glider in "slew mode" to the real take off position for gliders:

Press "y" the move by "num-4,-6,-8,-2" depending on the direction to take or even rotate "num-7,-9-1-3".

After positioning of the glider, press "y" again to leave "slew mode".

For soaring in MSFS SU11 I currently use (my favorite glider is the AS33me):

https://flightsim.to/file/15090/as-33-me      open class glider, Alexander Schleicher (MADoloSimulations, Ian Lewis)

https://flightsim.to/file/27986/rolladen-schneider-ls4 standard class glider (MADoloSimulations, Ian Lewis)

https://flightsim.to/file/25518/discus-2c-glider#   Schempp-Hirth (GotFriends)

https://flightsim.to/file/34815/schleicher-k7-glider   Alexander Schleicher (GlideSimmer67, Ian Lewis)

https://flightsim.to/file/30384/dg-flugzeugbau-dg-808s open class glider (TouchingCloud)

https://flyyourselfvrsim.uk/content/thermals/generator/ Thermal creation for selected regions in CVS-files for upload to kinetic-assistant

For a soaring contest the same thermals can be loaded on different PCs

https://msfs.touching.cloud/mods/kinetic-assistant/   Winch lift, tow planes DR400, DA40 on predefined tracks, upload of thermals CVS-files

Indication of thermals in MSFS and monitoring in a separate window including centring support

https://xp-soaring.github.io/tasks/b21_task_planner/   planning of flight tasks (Ian Lewis (B21))

Using this setup, the soaring conditions in SU11 are a mixture of ridge lift and thermals created by MSFS and thermals loaded by "kinetic-assistant".

The thermals processed by "kinetic-assistant" are more realistic, they can be bumpy or smooth, they even may kick you out at the edges.

"kinetic-assistant" still works in SU11, but the lift-off can be weary, since AS33 has its own winch lift, MSFS tow planes interfere with those of "kinetic assistant".

But with a little practice it works (see workaround above).

In the "aircraft.cfg" files of the gliders above the entry: ui_typerole="Aircraft" needs to be changed to ui_typerole="Glider" since SU11.

In addition you can use LittleNavmap https://albar965.github.io/   to navigate/track your flight on an "open-street-topo-map".

"LittleNavmap" is very useful for ridge soaring using the topo map and for your current VFR navigation around airports, which are quite dense in Europe (two monitors are needed to do that).

Kind Regards, Volker