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Emerald Object Library

A library for Emerald Scenery Design addons and freeware developers containing over 300 Models, Environmentally-Dynamic SimObjects, Visual Effects, WWISE Sounds, and Materials. Emerald Object Library is now available on the MSFS Marketplace for PC and Xbox!

Developers, please see terms of use!

Emerald Object Library (EOL, for short) is a collection of models produced by Emerald Scenery Design. This library is designed for and primarily intended to be used with Emerald Scenery Design addons!

However, as of June 10, 2021, these libraries may now be used by other developers in their freeware addons!

Now Available on Marketplace!

Emerald Object Library is now available on Marketplace for PC and Xbox! For more info and to figure out what version is best for you, please check out "Should I use the version available on Marketplace?" in the FAQ section below!

Developer Terms of Use

1. This package must be obtained from an official download source by the end-user (Here at flightsim.to, at https://emeraldscenerydesign.com/freeware/#EOL-MSFS, or on Marketplace. Please do not package it with your addon or decompile it and include partial files for any reason. This can lead to outdated, broken, and/or conflicting addons.

2. Please credit Emerald Scenery Design in your documentation and include a url to our website (https://emeraldscenerydesign.com/).

Understand that Emerald Object Library is built for and intended to be used with Emerald Scenery Design sceneries, first and foremost. With that said, I'm currently not taking requests to add objects to this library (Too many irons in the fire right now). Objects will be added as I create, convert or purchase them for my projects.

Also, be aware that objects may be updated or (in worse case scenario) removed altogether. Usually I try to do this as seamless as possible, often replacing objects instead of removing them. No such notification of these changes will be published other than in the release changelog, so please give it a quick read after each update!


Emerald Object Library is only available to download on Marketplace, at emeraldscenerydesign.com and flightsim.to. If you find this library uploaded anywhere else other than these three sources, please report it to me via PM or contact me through the following form: https://emeraldscenerydesign.com/contact/. Redistribution of Emerald Object Library is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.


The included "esd-modellib-eolib" folder should be placed into your MSFS "Packages\Community" folder. The libraries will load the next time you start Microsoft Flight Simulator. As of v22.3.16, the library folder has been renamed from "esd-eolib." Always do a clean install to ensure no old files are left behind after each update!

Support ESD's Freeware!

Emerald Object Library has been an ongoing project since 2014, starting with FSX. Thousands of hours have gone into creating, converting, improving, and maintaining these libraries over the years. I have also spent hundreds of dollars out of my own pocket on paid/licensed models. Some of which, are included in the package now. Many are still to come.

If you enjoy using these libraries and want to support their use in public freeware projects, or if you want to help me maintain and expand this library, consider supporting me via PayPal or Buy me a Coffee (Pizza). All donations go back into these libraries, as well as maintaining the website and software.

Have an issue? Need some more info?

Feel free to PM me here on flightsim.to, email me through the website, or post in the Emerald Scenery Design Discord #support forum channel:



Show off!

Show me how you are using Emerald Object Library! Feel free to post quality screenshots in the User Gallery above or on our Discord!

esd libraries EOL library
Sim Update 11
Първоначална версия
February 25, 2021
Последна актуализация
7 day(s) ago — 22.11.17



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  • Актуализиран до версия 22.11.17

  • Актуализиран до версия 22.9.21

  • Актуализиран до версия 22.7.17

  • Актуализиран до версия 22.7.1

  • Актуализиран до версия 22.6.16

  • Актуализиран до версия 22.5.16

  • Initial File Release

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© Emerald Scenery Design - All rights reserved. Всяко повторно качване или разпространение на този файл без предварителното писмено съгласие на автора е забранено. Този Flight Simulator 2020 Mod е създаден от Emerald Scenery Design and shared in Scenery Enhancements » Libraries за Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Howdy folks,

As I have been getting quite a few reports recently from WinZip users no longer being able to unpack the 7z archive, I have opted to include a secondary download option which uses the Windows built-in Zip archive compression (deflate).

This adds around 130 MB to the file size, but should be compatible with everything.



1 month(s) ago / Благодарности от rotornut44

Thanks so much for this. Just starting to create scenery and these models are great. See you in the air.

When will this Update 22.9.21 be available in MSFS Marketplace?

Thank you for this add-on.

I wish to know if it is the same as the one available in MSFS marketplace... so I can keep one copy and delete the other safely.

Please advise.



5 month(s) ago / Благодарности от rotornut44

With the latest winrar version, unpacking works again.

Howdy folks,

As I have been getting quite a few reports recently from WinZip users no longer being able to unpack the 7z archive, I have opted to include a secondary download option which uses the Windows built-in Zip archive compression (deflate).

This adds around 130 MB to the file size, but should be compatible with everything.

Can't unpack. Error: ' Not enough space' And yes, I have sufficient space. Greetings.



5 month(s) ago / Благодарности от rotornut44

Thank you to make these available!

The package is 5 star, however, I can't unpack it since last time You've updated it. I tried on different computers and I keep getting errors "not enough space" or sth. Could you re-pack the library and update again, please?


  • Now that the Emerald Object Library has officially "landed" in MSFS Market Place I wonder if this library will be published anymore (updates) here at flightsim.to?

I see this is available in the MarketPlace now. Will that version always be the latest version or is their a delay in the MP version getting updated much like other products are delayed there?

Is this library only for use by developers when they create scenery? or is it needed by users/pilots to see scenery used by a developer? Thank you.

did the folder name change from

Hi, I'm getting a "Library file does not exist error for package EOLib-Materials with the latest version of your library 21.7.12. I see 8 materials in the texture directory.

Ah some modeling goodness from my friends over at ESD

Woo Hoo! More objects for FLORIDA! 😀

Тези елементи в момента са в списъка и ще бъдат обработени скоро!
Предложения, грешки и идеи за бъдещето.

  • Version 22.11.17 November 24, 2022

    - Added 84 new models and 8 new SimObjects!
    - Fixed an issue where Windsocks and Wind Tees were 180* off heading.
    - Fixed white highlighting on multiple vegetation models: Bush Crop Small, Grape Vine, Green Alders, Silverberry, Willows, Branches, Pinecones.
    - Improved Campfire: new VFX, new WWISE sounds, now casts light in the general area.
    - Reduced opacity of chimney smoke VFX.
    - Tweaked LOD2 trigger distance for Picnic Table.

  • Version 22.9.21 September 21, 2022

    - Added new models:
    > UK Butterflies (4 variations)
    - Added texture.cfg alias for SimObject texture folder.
    - Made Improvements & Optimizations to several models:
    > Butterflies: Removed unnecessary parent node and bloat from old exporter, rewrote visibility code to use new template format.
    > Campfire: Joined model parts for less drawcalls, added dynamic Wwise ambient sound, rewrote visibility code to use new template format.
    > Chainsaw: Joined model parts for less drawcalls, reduced LOD texture memory.
    > Chimney Smoke VFX: Removed an unneeded segment of visibility code.
    > Cows: Removed duplicate vertices, reworked LODs, added collision box.
    > Firewood Pile, Stacks, & Stump Axe: Added collisions, reduced LOD texture memory.
    > Flipped Row Boat: Removed duplicate vertices, added collision mesh, parented occluder, removed metallic value for material, reduced LOD texture memory.
    > Frog: Removed duplicate vertices, added dynamic Wwise ambient sound.
    > Grape Vines & Shrub Crop: Corrected normal shading (Also fixes issue where snow wouldn't accumulate on crops).
    > Morel Mushrooms: Linked to renamed texture, set metallic value to 0, rewrote visibility code to use new template format.
    > Pavers: Added LOD, reduced LOD texture memory, COMP texture now uses proper 16-bit format, added additional AO cast from ground.
    > Picnic Table: Added LODs, reduced LOD texture memory, removed duplicate vertices, COMP texture now uses proper 16-bit format, added additional AO cast from ground.
    > Pinecones: Some housekeeping - Linked to renamed texture, tweaks to material settings.
    > Pine Trees: Slightly reduced drawcalls and improved overall texture memory.
    > Shed Small, Shed Medium, & Firewood Shelter: COMP texture now uses proper 16-bit format, added additional AO cast from ground, model parts joined for less drawcalls, removed duplicate vertices, added LODs, LOD texture memory optimizations, now use box collisions instead of mesh (lighter weight), removed collision from Firewood Shelter.
    > Water Puddles: Rewrote visibility code to use new template format.
    - Reduced windsock/windtee DistanceToNotAnimate value to 1000m.

  • Version 22.7.17 July 17, 2022

    - Added new models:
    > Amazon Warehouse
    > Golf Cart (2 Styles)
    > Tractor
    - Improved ForkLift: Removed duplicate vertices, reworked LODs, & fixed material showing as emissive at night.
    - Improved XML behavior code for Windsocks & Wind Tees.

  • Version 22.7.1 July 01, 2022

    - Added new models:
    > Concrete Block (1 Style)
    > Doormat (1 Style)
    > Fuel Tank (2 Styles)
    > GrapeVine (1 Style)
    > Small Shrub Crop (1 Style)
    > Windsock NoPole (1 Style, 4 Variations)
    - Improved Globe Light Pole: Fixed shading, new UV unwrap, reworked PBR materials.
    - Improved Windsock: Mesh optimization, new UV unwrap for pole, added 2 new faded sock variations.

  • Version 22.6.16 June 16, 2022

    Some file names have changed. Please remove the old package from your Community addons folder to ensure there are no leftovers!

    - Added new models:
    > 5-Gallon Buckets (2 styles, 8 variations)
    > GA Hangar (1 style, 2 new variations: Grey & Brown accents)
    - Fixed an issue where some 3D Pine Tree collisions were not being removed at a distance.
    - Improved Abandoned Cottage: Cleaned up mesh.
    - Improved Chainsaw: LOD mesh optimization.
    - Improved Deer Skull: Cleaned up mesh, converted to PBR material, reworked LODs.
    - Improved GA Hangar: Overhauled mesh, added glass details, new PBR materials, 2 new variations (see above).
    - Improved Old Flipped Rowboat: Added environmental occluder, added LOD.
    - Improved Red Propane Tank: Fixed shading & incorrect material nodes.
    - Improved Shed Rusty, Rusty Derelict, & Frame: Cleaned up mesh, fixed inverted normals, reworked UVs, reduced texture drawcalls, fixed shading, added environmental occluder, reworked LODs.
    - Improved SimObject behaviors:
    > Butterflies will no longer display when it's raining or snowing.
    > Morel Mushrooms will no longer display when it's snowing.
    - Improved Snowmobile: Fixed inverted normals, fixed position of windshield, fixed windshield material and added rain FX, added LODs, corrected scaling proportions.
    - Improved White Propane Tank: Fixed shading & incorrect material nodes, cleaned up mesh, reworked LODs.
    - Re-exported several models using the official Blender exporter to ensure proper material settings.

  • Version 22.5.16 May 16, 2022

    - Added two new rusty variations for Fuel Drums (4 models total).
    - Adjusted LODs of Reeds vegetation model.
    - Fixed incorrect texture mapping on upright blue Fuel Drum.
    - Improved Old Flipped Rowboat: Cleaned up mesh, reducing some polys and many vertices.
    - Improved Rocks Legacy: Renamed, cleaned up mesh, new UV unwrap, added new 4K PBR material.

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v22.3.16 - Do I need both 'esd-eolib' and 'esd-modellib-eolib' in community?

As of v22.3.16, 'esd-eolib' has been renamed to 'esd-modellib-eolib'. This was changed in preperation for Emerald Object Library coming to the marketplace.

Please remove esd-eolib from your community folder, as esd-modellib-eolib will be the directory name moving forward!

Should I use the version available on Marketplace?

If you're reading this, you've likely noticed that Emerald Object Library is now available on Marketplace for Xbox and PC!

In light of this release, I have been getting questions on which version is right for who.

EOL on Marketplace was released alongside my Chunilna Cabin Strip payware as a requirement. The marketplace release was only ever intended to be used for my addons on Marketplace, though it does come with the same usage rules for freeware developers just to make things uniform and easy to manage.

From the time I submit an update to Microsoft to the time they finally test and launch it is usually 1-2 weeks. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that each individual update will take 1-2 weeks to land on marketplace, as until it goes into the testing phase, I can push new updates for review. So, when it does update on marketplace 9x/10 it will be the latest version, but likely a few weeks behind the external version. With that said, I would recommend the following:

Continue using the release available here or at emeraldscenerydesign.com, as it will be updated more frequently. Only use the version on marketplace if you only intend to use my payware addons on marketplace or just want an easy way to stay up-to-date with no real worry on time!

Primary Download or Standard Zip Compression?

After some recent reports of compatibility issues by WinZip users, I am now offering a second version of EOL for download.

The Primary Download uses 7z format, which is being used because of it's superior compression to any other format. This gives those on slower connections the benefit of not needing to download a more heavy file.

However, for those that do not use an archive program that supports 7z, or who may run into issues unpacking the file for another reason, a Standard .zip compression format is provided as a secondary download.

This file is much bigger, but uses the built-in windows archive tool, so it has better compatibility across archivers.


Тези потребители са направили дарения за rotornut44 за да продължи да прави страхотни добавки, на които всички могат да се наслаждават.



70 USD

I have always really appreciated and admired the incredible work you have done in FSX, P3D and now MSFS. You have a real tallent for scenery design and a great eye for detail! It is reflected in the lengths you go to bring life and realisim to the scenery you create. Hope this helps a little and keep up the great work!




Thank you for bringing a little TLC to my home area. :)


These add-ons may be required or recommended to use.

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