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klga-laguardia full airport This is  the full airport.  All of the changes made in the updated_taxiway_network are included.All buildings done except the those in place of the old American Airlines hangars. This scenery is not an exact replica, but IMO, better than the default and far from...

Sim Update 12
Intl. Airports
Първоначална версия
October 08, 2022
Последна актуализация
18 day(s) ago — 1.0.49

klga-laguardia full airport

This is  the full airport.  All of the changes made in the updated_taxiway_network are included.
All buildings done except the those in place of the old American Airlines hangars.

This scenery is not an exact replica, but IMO, better than the default and far from being perfect.

Known issues:
The jetway bug. Sometimes jetways are separated into several parts. I researched this on the web and discovered that
other users and scenery packages are having the same problem. This has been reported to Asobo, but don't expect a fix
anytime soon. 

klga-laguardia v1.0.32

Removed parked cars that was half inside buildings
Added a few aprons
Added more pole lights in front of terminal-B
Added polygons to remove protruding objects in the water near the 22 end tressel
Corrected LOD's on some models
Welcome To NY redone with better angle
Added doors at Stairs terminal-b
Taxiway revised to prevent AI from using rwy 31 to taxi. There are still problems when rwy 22
is in use. 

klga-laguardia v1.0.33

Added American Airlines Hangars. 

klga-laguardia v1.0.34

The incorrect file was uploaded for v1.0.33. Here is the correct file.

Update 10/22/22

I'm looking into a way to fix the double Rikers Island bridge when using RKBRIDGER addon. I am looking into the exclusion rectangle, and will post an update as soon as I find a fix. Also will try to add gate assignments using ADE.  For those haing problems unzipping the file, Email me and I can send you a link to get it from my Google drive.

klga-laguardia v1.0.35

Double Rikers Islaned Bridge when using the RKBRIDGER addon. I tried the exclusion rectangle and it didn't work. I think it will only exclude default scenery objects. Unable to exclude objects from other addons.

I am including two BGL files with this release - one with the Rikers Island Bridge (the default) and one without.
Both files are located here --> klga-laguardia/scenery/klga-laguardia/klga-modelLib.BGL and klga-modelLib.no-RIB
If you want the scenery without the bridge - rename klga-modelLib.BGL to klga-modelLib.RIB and klga-modelLib.no-RIB to

Issues with RKBRIDGER addon are the bridge is too low and the jetty from my scenery goes thru it. 

Removed spikes in water near approach end of runway 31

ALL parking except the ramps includes Airline Parking Codes as follows:

Terminal A

Terminal B

Terminal C

Terminal D

The parking codes are somewhat working. Some planes are using ramp parking, and parking anywhere.
Maybe missing atc_parking_codes or atc_parking_types line from aircraft.cfg. I may have missed a regional airline code.
I also have AIG installed. 

Here is link with a list off the Airlines and terminals. Does not include Delta, 
United and American regional airlines, but I have icluded them in the parking codes


Parking problems resovled by removing AIG.

klga-laguardia v1.0.36

Fixed atc_parking_codes to work with AIG installed. Their fix for regional airlines code is to use
DALX for Delta, AALX for American and UALX for United. This is easier than trying to keep up with
the codes every time the carriers change.




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  • Актуализиран до версия 1.0.49

  • Актуализиран до версия 1.0.48

  • Актуализиран до версия 1.0.47

  • Актуализиран до версия 1.0.46

  • Актуализиран до версия 1.0.45

  • Актуализиран до версия 1.0.44

  • Initial File Release

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Thanks for this scenery!

Do you think you could do something different, please, with the night time window textures? They're extremely bright, and it's such a uniform texture that it really takes what is an otherwise really excellent freeware scenery and makes it really throw me back to the FS9/FSX days when I look at the windows.

The scenery looks great! Do you have an idea why the photogrammetry surrounding the airport (mainly south) ends up flat with this mod and can it be fixed?

I also found a major bump/ terrain shift on runway 22 after landing its right where the runway meets the land, right around the R22 cation marker before reaching the intersection.

The exclusion rectangle should work if you select library objects. The problem is likely that your scenery is named such that it loads before the RKBridger package. Try creating a small scenery of the exclusion rectangle and name it zz_rkbridger_exclusion, so it loads after his scenery.

anyone here have the payware? which is better?

Beautiful thanks!

Can we expect checkpoints marking on ground in future update?

Great rendition of KLGA but there are lamp posts in the middle of the aircraft parking areas and taxiways. Can you remove them please? Thanks for your contribution and maybe you can do KJFK?

Very nice and detailed scenery .

I noticed that aircraft jumped on runways and it’s impossible to use.

please to fix that if possible.


First- GREAT JOB! Quick question, I don't see any parked planes at LGA. Is it supposed to be an empty airport? Again, it looks amazing!

Very good scenery of LaGuardia, and it's easy on the frames as well! However, I think SU12 has caused the runway lights to float above the ground. Hopefully that should be an easy fix.

I live around the corner from LaGuarida. Your work is exceptional. Thank you for your effort.

Благодарности от danielsjam

Wonderful work, I love it! Thank You!!!

Благодарности от danielsjam

I would like to commend you for including some of the clearest replacement instructions with your update. Not many devs tell you that they have changes the folder name / file structure, and that they need to delete the older version prior to installation of the new updated version. So, thank you for making our lives easier!

Благодарности от danielsjam

Looks good, easy on frames. Win/win. Thanks!

how is the framerate? FPS?

Благодарности от danielsjam

Another great project! Great detail, looks sharp, looks accurate, and no apparent effect on framerates. Nice to have an updated terminal layout in MSFS!

Your sublisting is still calling this 1.0.31. Appears it is several versions past that now.

Благодарности от danielsjam

is it possible that this is better than Feelthere? 😮

Благодарности от danielsjam

payware quality , thanks for your work

Благодарности от danielsjam

So much better than the payware version.

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  • Version 1.0.49 May 14, 2023

    klga-laguardia v1.0.49

    Fixed floating Riker's bridge lights

    Reduced night texture brightness on all terminals windows

    Decreased height on welcome to ny sign

    Removed trees and rocks from rwy 04 approach lights path

  • Version 1.0.48 May 04, 2023

    klga-laguardia v1.0.48

    Missing photogrammetry just south of the airport being caused by airport flatten. The flatten radius is determined by the airport test radius. The buildings are inside the minimum radius of 1700m. Flatten disabled until a better solution is determined. Everything looks good, but without further testing, there are more than likely issues.

  • Version 1.0.47 April 27, 2023

    klga-laguardia v1.0.47

    Corrected elevation of Riker's Island Bridge lights to the elevation of the bridge after the airport elevation change. The lights are not attached to the bridge nor are they snap to ground and and the elevation had to be manually changed.

  • Version 1.0.46 April 17, 2023

    klga-laguardia v1.0.46

    Corrected backward runway numbers on 22 end

    Changed airport elevation back to 20.6 ft. / 6.3 m (surveyed)

  • Version 1.0.45 April 04, 2023

    Added option to call fuel truck with keyboard Shift F (default) or tune to ground
    and select Ground Services, Request Fuel Supply

  • Version 1.0.44 April 01, 2023

    klga-laguardia v1.0.44

    Corrected ILS position and heading. I relied on the data in the sim being correct, but it was way off.

    Corrected Glide Slope position

    Added Glide Slope antennas

    Hope this update will correct the floating runway lights as reported by a user

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