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Version 1.00
Първоначална версия September 14, 2021
Последна актуализация September 14, 2021
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Downloads 1,685
GPS Координати 40.7498152925785, -73.98524823376502
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Cities #Real-Life United States Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Стартира September 14, 2021

    Първоначалното издание на този файл току-що беше пуснато. Добре дошли на борда!

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45 Коментари

perfecto 😊)

Is there a way to separate out the landmarks in Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx from those in Manhattan? Giving us the choice of which to install?

Five Stars!

You can find a short review here:


Great job!

I hope you keep updating it little by little, slowly but surely! and there is a spectacular new york!

Thanks for sharing your work!

Excellent contribution, really good alternative to the payware version, thanks man

Nice work.

A couple of comments...

The whole area is a little on the grey and dark gloomy side even when flying at midday.

Too many trees.

Not sure if the trees are your doing or default asobo.

I have the shorter trees in vegetation folder.

Just a quick question. Love the scenery by the way! Are the two office buildings supposed to be so tall? The two nearest Central Park.

Are POI markers added for these? I hate using them normally, but for the first pass through it will be handy. Nice work either way.

really good good work, bravo, merci beaucoup, thanks

No Trump Tower? lol

How does this interact with samscene?

TOP!!! No FPS impakt. Thak you.

Just a correction -- that's not the old Yankee Stadium. The old Yankee Stadium is a collection of rubble in landfills, and used to be where the baseball field in front of the stadium (Elston Howard Field) is. That's the actual old field; you can see the dimensions of the park are retained with the fencing around the field.

Your model is NEW Yankee Stadium. And it looks really good, as do all the other ones. Just wanted to make a note, because my first instinct was "I'm not going to install this if it puts the old park back and what I see out the window isn't what's there in real life." Glad I double checked!

Also, if you plan to do more models -- the last time I looked, Giants Stadium was an ugly splotch on the ground. It would be great if you could improve on that.

Presumably we put this in the community folder?

ank youième

Thanks Ed.

Much better than this horrible Programmetry Buildings ( Programmetry in MSFS reminds me to the background of a zombie film ).

MS/Asobo should learn from you. And the file ist not big.

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