Pittsburgh, Fort Duquesne Bridge

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Version 1.0
Първоначална версия September 13, 2021
Последна актуализация September 13, 2021
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GPS Координати 40.44204854191294, -80.01284352923187
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  • Стартира September 13, 2021

    Първоначалното издание на този файл току-що беше пуснато. Добре дошли на борда!

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I would buy it, but not for $15 bucks. By comparison competitors have scenery packs for the city of Chicago that include a lot of bridge fixes along with road fixes and new buildings for the SAME PRICE. As a life long sales guy, let me give you a tip. If you lower the individual unit cost you will move much more inventory. If this bridge pack was $5 bucks you would probably sell 10x the number of units than you are at $15. Work on your prices and I will buy your New York and Pittsburgh packages. If you did a Baltimore package where you fixed the port cranes and bridges I would buy that too.

I hope you are planning to do St-Louis bridges in a near future.



1 month(s) ago / Благодарности от mngydg

Wow, I'm very please to see that. I love Pittsburg and it will so much better with all bridges. Thanks.



1 month(s) ago / Благодарности от mngydg

Thanks for these bridges. The city of bridges needed these... The way the sim draws them is absolutely terrible... Being my home, I fly a lot in Pittsburgh... Can't wait to download the free bridge and fly just above them... Wish I could afford payware.... I also believe the community offers great talent, skill, and offerings that takes ample time to do and surely is enjoyed, giving back in the freeware environment is a way of just saying THANKS.... Too much PAYWARE in this game....

Thank you so much. Went right out and bought the full package. Also have NYC too. Love your work - makes SUCH a big difference. Keep up the great work.

What city is next!?

If you ever take requests, I'd love to see The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge further up the Hudson from the Tappan-Zee (sorry M.. Cuomo) 😉

This is fantastic! I live in Pittsburgh and fly there all the time. Pittsburgh looks great except for the bridges. Really lose the immersion especially in VR. Your addon changes everything! And I was thinking about making a mod to fix the bridges, I looked into it and found some models and then saw what it would take, and yes its a tremendous amount of work. I purchased your addon and its awesome! Excellent work. Well worth the money, at least to me, since I literally fly in PGH almost every day.

I love your work on the bridges. However if you brought your payware packages under $10 and also make them available on US flightsim sites as the exchange rate increases the cost, I would purchase all of them but they are currently cost prohibitive compared to ORBX and other developers based on what you are getting

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