Silverstone Motorsport Circuit UK & Heliport

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Version 0.52
Първоначална версия July 18, 2021
Последна актуализация October 19, 2021
Размер на файла 30.70 MB
Downloads 1,475
GPS Координати 52.070175, -1.012665
Status Все още не е изтеглено
Този файл е проверен за вируси и е безопасен за изтегляне.
Regional Airports
#Handcrafted #Sightseeing #Real-Life United Kingdom Exclusive Drag and Drop


2,080 | V Second Officer

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  • Version 0.52 October 19, 2021

    small update mainly for SU6 compatibility, updated package.
    removed some new trees that spawned since update.
    added some lines to the Porsche Experiance Centre Road course.
    update has fixed long grass.

  • Version 0.51 October 19, 2021

    Fixed a couple of things i missed before uploading sorry guys.

  • Version 0.5 October 18, 2021

    big update.

    NEW custom models (Silverstone info signs, Porsche signs, heliport signs, road barriers, traffic lights etc)
    UPDATED custom models now with textures! (the wing, Porsche building, Silverstone Bridges, pit wall, tyre barriers, stands etc)
    RE-textured the entire Silverstone!!! (old runways, all tracks done, run off areas, gravel pits, some roads, paths, car parks, parking spots, walking areas etc)
    Removed autogen Green roads.
    Removed any unwanted Grass around the place!
    loads more editions to ground height in many places.
    more SDK objects added (cars, ambulances trucks, fences etc)
    edits and fixes to old work, optimised some older work.
    so much to list no doubt ive forgotten some!

  • Version 0.2.2 September 20, 2021

    added Stowe circuit, added more objects and textures, more ground edits

  • Version 0.2.1 September 18, 2021

    added more fences, objects, textures and various improvements

  • Version 0.2 September 17, 2021

    updated compatibility for SU6.
    more ground edits, more objects, more textures

  • Стартира July 18, 2021

    Първоначалното издание на този файл току-що беше пуснато. Добре дошли на борда!

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6 hour(s) ago / Благодарности от MechanicalMad

Really nice job.... once you are happy with silverstone it'd be great if you went around some of the other iconic British courses like outlen park etc. Thanks so much for the great scenery.

Haven't D/l this yet but was thinking this very thought the other day - there is no reason why this as a feature could not also involve seasonally adjusted cars (to be developed) added to this and any other F1 course (forget the redneck courses for NASCAR of course) as thos are just big circle jerks... but add races on specific dates and times. Hoping someone will consider this - along with trains/gondolas oin mountains. Make a true "living world"

hi mate, great job. All looking amazing. would be cool if the cars were on track and the surface of the track looked better but i know that this is a work in progress so hopefully this will improve in the future. great job and keep it up. thanks



3 month(s) ago / Благодарности от MechanicalMad




3 month(s) ago / Благодарности от MechanicalMad

Nice! If you would get some cars on the track now, this would be awsome!!



3 month(s) ago / Благодарности от MechanicalMad

Looks class, would have been brilliant for my flight on vatsim a few days ago was vfr over the circuit

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