ADAC Luftrettungszentrum Christoph Europa 1 / Aachen-Merzbrück (EDKA)

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ADAC Luftrettungszentrum Christoph Europa 1 powered by Helipack X.

I made a livery for the rescue helicopter Christoph Europa 1 a while ago so I thought, why not bring it's homebase into the sim as well. So this is the air rescue base of this helicopter which is located at the airfield Aachen-Merzbrück (EDKA) in northrine westphalia.

The base itself is a conversion of the famous scenery "Helipack X". I got the friendly permission of them to use some of their work for sceneries in MSFS2020 so big hats off for that! Without that this wouldn't be possible the way you see it here.

I am just the guy that brought their great stuff in to the next gen of flight simulators.

Apart from the air rescue base itself I also made a few little improvements (if you can say so) to the airfield. So I added a little generic tower (which really doesn't look like the original so don't expect too much) and a few static aircraft.

It neither has the new way bigger runway nor other stuff to make it look like reality. My main focus was the helicopter base. Maybe this is something for a future update but unsure.

You got two options to start with:

Cold-and-dark -> Select parking spot 135 (guess why I picked that number)

With engines already running in idle -> Select runway start 01

No matter what you choose you will always spawn on the helipad in front of the hangar.

You need to download some additional stuff in order to use the scenery properly:

https://de.flightsim.to/file/12208/wombiiactual-enxx-asset-pack  <--- Essential! Otherwise you'll fall through the helipad

https://www.jpfil.com/quebec-fs2020/scenes/Collection-avions.zip <-- Recommended to have some static aircraft

https://de.flightsim.to/file/5452/dave-s-3d-people-library <-- Recommended to have a few people standig there (not really needed though)

https://www.flightsim.to/file/1923/mikea-at-assetpack <--- No essential stuff used by that I think.

https://de.flightsim.to/file/4208/mikea-at-airport-markings <--- The white writing on the hangar. Sorry for the confusion I initially thought this was part of the assetpack.

https://www.flightsim.to/file/2549/edhk-lights-pack <--- More or less essential. The red obstacle lights of the hangar use this file

https://www.flightsim.to/file/4696/dave-s-crooked-library <--- Some objects are from this asset pack but no essentials I think.

Installation is straight-forward as usual:

Open the downloaded ZIP-File and place the "chrispiaviation_lrzeuro1" folder into your community folder.


Доста празно тук.


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  • Стартира June 09, 2021

    Първоначалното издание на този файл току-що беше пуснато. Добре дошли на борда!

Доста празно тук.

GPS Координати 50.823910, 6.184035


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Very nice piece of work. Wouldn't it be great if you could get the hanger doors to open and motorize the landing pad to bring the aircraft in and out.

Wow richtig richtig gute Arbeit !!! Passt perfekt zusammen mit dem Klinikum Aachen O_O

Unfassbar gute Szenerie, vielen Dank! Gäbe es eine Möglichkeit, das Helipad ein wenig kleiner zu machen? Ist ein gutes Stück größer als das Echte 😀

Sehr cool! Ist Christoph 31 in Planung?

Wirklich sehr gute mods - Erste Klasse! Wäre es möglich das du den bavaria mod / für hessen machen könntest. Sprich Klinikum in Frankfurt, Offenbach, Aschaffenburg, Hanau, Wiesbaden etc? Das wäre mega! Natürlich dann auch mit ein paar Unfällen wenn möglich.

Ein Traum wirklich super klasse arbeit.

Wäre es möglich das LRZ von Christoph 10 in Wittlich zu machen

Klasse Arbeit! ich hoffe man wird noch das ein oder andere LRZ in NRW die Tage finde 😉

Wunderschön umgesetzt, vielen Dank! Endlich in der alten Heimat rumhovern. Ist EDKA auch noch geplant? Dann wäre ich vollends beseelt.

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